The role of social media to create communication strategies
30 de August de 2022, Redacción

The role of social media to create communication strategies

Social networks are here to stay. They are a fact and a real communication tool and, as such, they should be considered when developing a communication strategy. However, there are still many companies that do not identify their relevance and the authenthic value they can bring to their corporate communication.

One of the most outstanding aspects of social networks is that they allow for a direct relationship with customers and leads.  Depending on the social network in which brands are present, they can explore different forms and communication strategies. You should know that it is not the same to write a tweet and have to limit the message to 280 characters than to post on TikTok and create content based on its audiovisual format, the use of music and adjusting the creation to the established duration. Because each social network has its own particularities.

How many social networks should you be on?

This does not mean that a company should have a presence in all social networks that exist, nor does it have to have a profile in the most popular ones. Selecting which social networks to be present on is a critical part of a company’s social media strategy and, therefore, of its communication strategy.

Choosing in which social networks to be on, it is necessary to analyze your own company and its suitability for the characteristics of each of them. For example, there are some products and services that are more visual than others; in the case of a clothing brand, a social network such as Instagram will be a good choice. However, when it comes to a business that is less linked to image, such as a law firm, a presence on a social network based on photography or video can be more complex and sometimes even impossible.

Social media content strategy

Using these tools spontaneously, without prior analysis and design, and without aligning them with the corporate communication developed through other channels, minimizes their potential and can even be counterproductive. As the communication tools that they are, it is essential that they are taken into account as part of the company’s communication strategy.

In this sense, the planning and focus of publications must also be thought out and established to achieve the objectives, as they are key elements of the content strategy.


Your social network audience

Identifying the social networks in which to create a company profile and from which we are going to launch our brand messages must be closely linked to our business objectives and also to the audience we want to target. Knowing what our audience will be is the key and we must be also very sure about our company’s target.

As tools that establish direct communication with the public, all social networks require interaction with their followers, a relationship that varies according to the characteristics of each one of them. Replying messages, responding to requests or interacting in any of the ways that the platform allows requires time and, also, knowing the particularities of the language, both in format and form, of each of them.


Social media are part of the communication strategy

As a part of the communication strategy, dedication, both in terms of time and resources, is another element to take into account when designing a social media strategy. With no doubt, it may be easy and quick to open a YouTube channel, but how are we going to publish content more or less periodically if we do not have an audiovisual and/or editing team to create the videos?

Moreover, these tools are constantly evolving. Their functionalities change and so do their modes of use. Keeping abreast of their development and knowing the trends, such as the relationship with influencers, requires constant updating work that requires the support and collaboration of a professional team.

As external communication channels, it is currently inconceivable that a communication strategy should leave social networks aside, even if it is to dismiss, always in a justified manner, their use. Yes, it is also possible!