LF Channel joins the ADC

15 Feb 2024

LF Channel joins as a new member of the ADC (Asociación de Consultoras de Comunicación), an association that brings together communication consulting firms to represent and defend the interests of the sector. From this organisation, it promotes ethical behavior, professionalization, and service quality to contribute to the development and growth of a more transparent and sustainable society. 

To achieve this, the ADC highlights the talent, innovation, creativity, and experience of its member companies with the aim of highlighting the influence of communication on the brand identity of companies. 

“We are very pleased to join ADC,” says Imma Folch, CEO and founder of LF Channel. “At LF Channel, we always advocate for collaboration and teamwork, as well as for the promotion of the sector and all the stakeholders involved. In an information-saturated environment, successful public relations consulting agencies can make a difference through responsible, sustainable, and inclusive strategies, taking into account the diversity of our surroundings.”  

At LF Channel, we value authenticity, collaboration, and trust-based work, so joining ADC is a new step in this direction. 


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