Positioning Your Company for Success at Mobile World Congress 2024

26 Oct 2023

The next edition of the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Feb 26-29, 2024), the largest and most influential event in the connectivity ecosystem, is approaching. It is the key meeting point for mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, content owners… and any company interested in the future of technology. 

Last year’s event drew an impressive 88,500 attendees, a 50% of them being high-level executives. And 2,400 exhibiting companies from over 202 countries graced the event. Despite the pandemic’s challenges, the Mobile World Congress has emerged stronger than ever. And with such robust participation, the challenge is to stand out in a sea of prominent tech brands unveiling their products and orchestrating grand events. 

Have you secured your space for MWC 2024, or are you considering it? At LF Channel, as tech-specialized agency in Barcelona, we have been developing the best communication and marketing experiences for companies of all sizes and countries during the MWC for more than 17 years. To help you make your presence more effective than ever this year, we have prepared some tips to for you to prepare a logistics & communication strategy. 


Where and when does the Mobile World Congress 2024 take place?

MWC 2024 will be hosted, once again, at Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. It’s prudent to allocate ample time for your journey, as traffic congestion is common during tradeshow times, and public transportation tends to get crowded. Selecting accommodations near the Fira or at spots well-connected by subway/train can mitigate these inconveniences. 


What will we see this year at MWC?

Each year the MWC focuses on specific themes. Top 2024 themes* will be: 

  • 5G: The advent of 5G and the looming prospect of 6G are redefining the capabilities of mobile devices. 
  • Humanizing AI: Artificial Intelligence is permeating various sectors, enhancing processes, and fostering natural interactions between humans and machines. 
  • Manufacturing DX: With 5G and increased AI and robotics investments, the manufacturing industry is poised for a significant transformation. 
  • Game Changers: Futuristic smartphones, equipped with augmented reality, virtual reality, and AI, reshaping the landscape of mobile devices. 
  • Digital DNA: The technology sector’s evolution must align with sustainability and diversity, aligning with UN goals. 

*SOURCE : MWC https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/themes 


Effective communication activities during MWC 2024

Being and absolute king event of its industry, it is a key moment to achieve visibility, and also a challenge to stand out among the more than 2000 participating companies. Only innovative and impactful and timely strategies will succeed. What are the ingredients for success? 

  • Marketing / Communication actions: the standard booth and logo pack alone won’t make the trick. Look for immersive possibilities that play as a magnet for visitors: from a creative photocall, to setting up ‘challenges’ or workshops, the creative options are infinite and can suit different budget ranges. E.g.: our client Bullitt Group explores a different creative theme every year, using their rugged phones thermal cameras to allow booth visitors to see their body heat. Most people feels intrigued and check several times their body temperature in real size! 
  • Press events/media interviews: Mind that media agendas are pretty full weeks before the show starts! In fact, a small-format event, ShowStoppers, and some big brand launches do take place even before the MWC kicks off. Our PR team has known the attending media for many years, whether for personalized or group media visits and interviews. Some of the major players at MWC, such as Nokia or Avast, have relied on us to close opportunities with local and international media and spokespersons. 
  • Spokesperson visibility and networking: Plan ahead for the chance to to boost the profiles of your CEO and Directors. The long-term visibility and networking possibilities with other companies this can trigger are really exponential when we offer valuable content in a talk or panel discussion. Last year, we got our CEO, Imma Folch, to lead one of the panel discussions at the #Diversity4tech days within the MWC 2023. 

  • Parallel private events: Barcelona is one of the most interesting cities in Europe, full of life, culture and leisure. From organizing a boat trip around the harbor, an afterwork with clients and partners on a rooftop terrace overlooking the sea, to a sightseeing tour of the old town, there are plenty of options to make your MWC time special. An expert local team can offer you unique and differential experiences to pamper your audiences. 

The possibilities for communication activities are many. The secret ingredient of success lies not only in having an expert communications and marketing team, but also in having a competitive and cost-efficient plan that creates differentiation for your brand on the ground. This is what local knowledge and expertise can contribute to you. 


At LF Channel, we will be your supporting team onsite at the event, able to handle activities different languages (Catalan/Spanish/English/French/Italian), saving you the pain of flying all your marketing or communication staff. To discuss how we can assist you further, please Contact us. Let’s make Mobile World Congress 2024 a defining moment for your brand.  

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