The five key media outlets for the real estate sector in Spain

12 Mar 2024

Information is power, which is why it is so important for real estate professionals to keep up to date with the news in their field. As well as finding out what’s new in their industry, reading breaking news or opinion pieces can inspire new business ideas or partnerships between companies. It is also essential for brands to monitor their media appearances to see where and how they are being talked about, which will help identify corporate strengths, but also potential reputational crises.   

Before we break down the five most important media for the real estate sector, let’s look at what this term refers to. “Real estate” is an English concept that could be translated into Spanish as “bienes raíces” or “bienes inmuebles“. It is used to refer to the real estate sector, including the residential, commercial and industrial markets. It is therefore a very broad concept that is frequently used in the media, especially in specialised headers. 

Top five Spanish real estate media outlets 

In order to know the latest trends in the real estate sector, whether they are about investments or new constructions, it is imperative to take a look at the leading digital newspapers and magazines specialised in this information. Therefore, based on our experience with real estate clients, at LF Channel we share a list of the five most important media in the sector in Spain: 


This online newspaper, founded in 2017, has established itself as one of the most important in economic information related to real estate businesses. In its digital masthead and in its newsletter they share news, reports, interviews and opinion articles about companies in the sector or about the market situation. “Having real-time information on the current real estate business is a fundamental need for all professionals linked to this industry in order to make strategic decisions within their companies or organisations,” EjePrime states. 

Brains Real Estate News 

This media, also known as, offers knowledge of the real estate market with special emphasis on data journalism and understanding the context. For this reason, its masthead breaks down the information both by category and by autonomous community, although it also publishes news on an international level. Like EjePrime, they have a newsletter, but in this case they also include a podcast with interviews with experts in the sector. 

Idealista News 

In addition to its rental platform, Idealista has a real estate information portal on finance, taxation and other related topics, such as decoration. Apart from news, it also shares opinion articles written by professionals in the sector. Idealista disseminates this content through its newsletter and its website, which has very good search engine positioning. 


Inmodiario is the media specialised in the real estate market with more monthly visits to its web portal, partly thanks to its broad breakdown of categories encompassed in three sections: Construction and Services, Economy and Business and Real Estate Market. This offers great convenience to readers, as they can access information on the specific topic they are interested in, whether it is energy efficiency, taxes or new housing. Like the other newspapers, this one also includes opinion articles and has a newsletter. 

El Inmobiliario Mes a Mes 

Founded in 2000, it is one of the longest-running specialised media in the real estate sector and has a printed magazine, digital edition and newsletter. Its circulation of 6,000 copies is distributed to professionals in Spain, especially among real estate developers and consultants. Its aim is “to be a useful tool for professionals, providing rigorous information and contrasted analysis of the different segments of the market”. 

If a real estate company is looking to promote its activity in the media, it must be clear that appearing in these headlines is essential to position itself in the market and become visible among its target audience. If you need help with your media strategy, at LF Channel we have been working for 28 years with challenging and innovative brands designing communication and public relations strategies to increase your media visibility. 

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