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“An absolutely spectacular job from LF Channel, our public relations partners in Spain. This is not the first time that we have been assured of national media coverage. Past news was published in the main media.”

Anuya Upadhyay, Director of Public Relations for EMEA, PURE STORAGE

“In one year, LF Channel and its absolutely professional team got NFON to the most important media channels across Spain and Portugal. They know how to get our message across ... fast, perfect and always more than expected. "

Thorsten Werner, NFON Vice-president of Public Relations

“You should definitely hire LF Channel. They are one of the most impressive, committed, connected, strategic and result-oriented agencies that I have worked with in my 20+ year career in communications. I can honestly tell you that you’d be making a mistake if you did not select them as your communications partner. "

Erica McCabe Nextdoor International Communications Manager

“LF Channel is more than a PR agency… it is a part of the Deezer team in Spain. Together, we were able to develop the communications strategy to get our service closer to the media and music fans. ”

Leo Nascimento, Deezer España Managing Director.

"I would highlight their [LF Channel team] speed in responding to any challenge that comes their way. The team is fast and efficient, and always with a positive response and a big smile."

Cathy Gallego, Channel Marketing Manager for Southern Europe at ViewSonic

“It is always a pleasure to cooperate with LF Channel. Professionalism, flexibility and innovation are three of the many qualities that describe the incredible human team that makes up the company. Being able to count on such a team, without a doubt, gives added value to any collaboration. "

Lavinia Alexandra Dragota, Marketing & PR Manager for Kruk España

“LF Channel has been providing media relations services for us in Spain from 2017. They are very professional and pro-active, managed to achieve great coverage during the past years and helped to grow our visibility in the market. At the same time, the team is also a pleasure to work with.”

Bernhard Fuckert, Europe Communications, Nokia
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We create marketing and communication campaigns with measurable results

We are a marketing and communications agency focused on creating immediate results and long-lasting trust. Our passion is communications with extraordinary results. Our goal is simply to be the best marketing and public relations agency for challenging and innovative brands. Our purpose is to generate significant impact through conversations, and beyond all that, through building a team.

Our Work

We have references from various sectors. Feel free to ask about our experience in your particular industry!


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