Ten communication technology trends for 2024

29 Feb 2024

The world of technology is constantly changing, and each year brings with it new predictions and trends that shape the global business and technology landscape. In this article, we will analyse and compile the top ten global business and technology media trends that will influence public relations and communications programmes throughout 2024. 

As expected, many predictions are based on AI and its impact on companies, the wider economy and society. From training to start-ups, regulation to reality, predictions generally focus on the practical impact it will have this year following the meteoric rise in its diffusion and use over the past year. Our top 10 also includes the growth of quantum computing and cybersecurity, a vision for sustainability and clean technologies, as well as more media-friendly topics such as virtual reality. 

Will these predictions come true? 

Although we cannot know the future, when considering the collective outlook, these trends could be seen as a conclusive view of what might happen this year. From a communication and media point of view, these trends provide a starting point of themes to follow, to use for or against, as well as to report on and support strategic planning. 

Media analysis 

To reach these conclusions, we analysed more than 25 articles published on major global media sites, such as Business Insider, Fast Company and the Financial Times, as well as in mainstream media such as the BBC, Independent and The Times. We also looked at major tech media, including TechCrunch, Sifted, IT Pro, Computer Weekly and CNET. In addition, we have taken into account insights from analysts such as Gartner and Omdia to provide a comprehensive global view. 

We have conducted an analysis of the top ten globally reported topics that will define the technology media landscape in the coming year.   

From Wired to Computer Weekly, Gartner to Omdia and the FT to the BBC, these trends represent the views of some of the most influential channels around the world. Many predictions focus on AI and its impact on business, the economy and society at large. 

Top ten technology predictions for 2024 

  1. Increased practical use of generative AI with business return on investment. 
  2. Increased productivity of Copilot.  
  3. Advances in quantum computing.  
  4. Increased concern and sophistication in cybersecurity 
  5. Increased demand for clean technologies and electric vehicles.  
  6. Adoption of fully wireless networks by enterprises.  
  7. Growth of augmented and virtual reality 
  8. Renewed focus on sustainability 
  9. Development of multi-modal AI systems.  
  10. Increasing legal challenges related to AI. 


The year 2024 promises to be an exciting period in terms of technological advances. From the more practical adoption of AI to the growth of cybersecurity and the drive towards sustainability, trends that will lead the way into the digital futureDownload the report here, for more information and detailed analysis, feel free to contact us: info@lfchannel.com. 

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