22 Feb 2024

The first months of the year are loaded with important news that companies want to communicate. It’s time for businesses to position themselves as opinion leaders and show their strength. Most of them want to appear in the media, the competition for leading hot topics is greater and public relations work is a challenge. It’s necessary to gain the trust of journalists so that they can share with you the forecasts of the topics they are most interested in, or to have a close collaborative relationship with them so that they trust on the data and information you can provide them with. And that’s what the whole LF Channel team understands very well!  

As an example of the work developed, here are the best clippings achieved by our team in recent weeks: 


Charge Amps at El Economista

Charge Amps, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable charging solutions for electric vehicles, is featured as an opinion leader in the electric mobility market at El Economista, one of the most relevant economic media in Spain. 

This result takes on special relevance because… he does it alone! Congratulations to the great LF Channel team behind this account. 


Wildix at Parada Visual 

The best results are not always those that appear in top newspapers with millions of readers. Appearing at Parada Visual, a customer experience and contact center specialised media, was of great relevance for Wildix, the Unified Communications solution. 

Often, it’s more important for the client to appear in media that are less known to the mass public but that connect directly with their target audience. LF Channel team is an expert in finding the specialized publications and forums to make B2B communications a success. 


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