We welcome our new Worldcom Public Relations Group partners in Sweden and Chile

21 Jul 2023

LF Channel is very pleased to welcome two new agency partners from Chile and Sweden to the Worldcom Public Relations Group (Worldcom). The world’s leading association of independent public relations firms, of which we are a member, has just expanded its network with the addition of the agency Paues Aberg, from Stockholm (Sweden), and LRM Comunicaciones, from Santiago (Chile).

“Both agencies are excellent additions to our partnership and help expand our global presence,” says Todd Lynch, CEO of Worldcom.  “Both are highly valued in their local markets and have deep experience in providing public relations and communications services. We are delighted to welcome them and look forward to collaborating and enriching each other.”

“Continuing to expand our network of Worldcom partners is essential to ensure the best service to our clients in any country around the world,” expounds Imma Folch, CEO and founder of LF Channel. “We are looking forward to getting to know the new agencies and sharing synergies, knowledge and learning, always with the aim of constantly improving our services,” she explains.

Paues Åberg Communications is a Stockholm-based strategic communications agency specializing in public affairs, corporate communications and financial communications. LRM Communications is an integrated agency focused on strategic communications and marketing. They are experts in press management, transforming organizational value into content for various platforms.

The addition of The Worldcom Public Relations Group’s new partners marks the culmination of Worldcom’s rigorous partner recruitment and selection process. This process ensures the compatibility of the agencies applying for partnership, as well as their ability to meet the standards of trust and collaboration that have defined the Worldcom PR Group since its founding in 1988. As the newest additions, Paues Åberg and LRM join a strong group of global partners who openly share knowledge and best practices, use the partnership to meet growing and changing client demands, and collaborate on new opportunities tailored to the local, regional and global needs of any company.

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