Women’s literature and feminist activism

21 Jun 2023

For the past few months, I have been proud to be a Librería Mujeres de Madrid member. This is one of the first associative bookstores in Spain, founded in 1978. As their name suggests, they are dedicated to selling and promoting literature written by women and have a wide selection of feminist books. They also have a publishing house that shelters women authors who find it difficult to publish in other publishing houses.

This bookstore is run by Alba Varela, daughter of Elena Lasheras, the woman who ran the bookstore between 1983 and 2017. More than thirty years in which her imagination, creativity, and commitment, accompanied by those of her partners Lola and Ana and those of the thousands of women who have collaborated with the bookstore, have made Librería Mujeres the place that it is today.

Being a member means contributing a monthly amount that accumulates in your account and helps the bookstore earn recurring income. The amount contributed can be exchanged for books, for yourself, or as gifts, at any time you wish. So, we can say that it is a contribution that benefits you.

Librería Mujeres is one of the oldest still in operation and a reference in Madrid’s feminist activism. Being a member ensures the survival of this reference space that continues to tirelessly disseminate literature written by women.

In addition, they regularly organize meetings with authors that you cannot miss. I invite you to get to know them and contribute to this project!


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