Welcome, Marta!

3 Mar 2023

Name: Marta Ramil Ortiz

Studies/education: Journalism Degree

Previous experience: No

Position at LF CHANNEL: PR Account Executive


What do you expect from LF CHANNEL?

I hope that LF Channel continues to give me everything it has given me during these 9 months, learning and experience in an unbeatable environment.


How do you imagine your work in public relations? 

I imagine my PR work to be entertaining and in full contact with the latest developments and innovations.


Beyond work, what do you like to do in your free time? 

In my free time I certainly don’t get bored, I like fitness and outdoor sports, walking in the sun, reading in the sun, lying in the sun, and everything in the sun, pottery, knitting and crocheting, and last but not least, eating.


What do you find particularly fascinating about the technology industry?

I am fascinated by the technology industry’s capacity to advance and innovate, that for every problem there are, or are being created, their consequent solutions, I find it both necessary and fun. I am also fascinated by its complexity and at the same time simplicity, I am fascinated by getting involved in debates that are difficult to understand in order to try to decipher the subject being discussed.


What is your favorite social networking platform and why? 

My favourite platform at the moment might be Tiktok. The truth is that it’s a platform that you enter a little reluctantly but then there’s no one who can get you off. From crochet designs, recipes or restaurants to try, animals reacting and other nonsense, it seems to me that they do their job perfectly, to entertain.


How do you get your news, in print or online?

I inform myself online, through social networks, podcast and media apps.


Last question: do you like cats (sorry, but we had to ask it 😉). 

I like cats but, like all other animals, better far away (I’m allergic to their fur).

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