Welcome Diego!

14 Sep 2023

Diego was a member of the LF Channel team as an assistant, and we are delighted that he is now joining us as an Account Executive. Diego was a member of the LF Channel team as an assistant, and we are delighted that he is now joining us as an Account Executive. Welcome!


Name: Diego Simón Rogado


Studies/education: Double Degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication


Previous experience: Independent cultural journalist and SEO content copywriter 


Position at LF CHANNEL: Account Executive


What do you expect from LF CHANNEL?: I look forward to advancing my education as a public relations professional and gaining self-confidence by assuming tasks of greater responsibility. But most of all, I hope to continue working with an exceptional team that is always willing to help. I genuinely appreciate the positive office environment and the little (big) laughs.


How do you imagine your work in public relations?: I imagine it as a progressive journey with a fantastic company that helps me continue taking steps forward. I imagine it as a process to build close relationships with fellow journalists, as well as an opportunity to support clients in reinforcing the values of their company. 


Beyond work, what do you like to do in your free time?: I always say that I really enjoy many things. I’m passionate about movies and watching them on the big screen whenever I can, listening to music, reading books that immerse me in the story, practicing rhythmic gymnastics, spending time with my loved ones… I’m more of a fan of relaxed plans than going out partying. 


What do you find particularly fascinating about the technology industry?:I appreciate the technology industry’s ability to adapt to the needs of society and revolutionize our lives, typically for the better.


What is your favorite social networking platform and why?: It has always been Twitter (although now they want us to call it X). Over time, I have gathered people on this social network with whom I share some of my passions, and I enjoy reading their posts from time to time. I also consider it a great platform to stay updated on current topics, news, and events, always being mindful of the sources.


How do you get your news, in print or online?: Always online, mainly through newsletters and social media. 


Last question: do you like cats (sorry, but we had to ask it 😉): Of course! My partner had five cats, and their house was a paradise. I love how different their personalities were and how complex they can be, although affectionate cats steal my heart more. I’m sure we will adopt one as soon as we can.



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