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6 Nov 2023

Name: Clara Hernández 


Studies/education: Degree in Graphic Design, at Superior Design and Plastic Arts Unviersity of Catalonia.  


Previous experience: I’ve been working one year and a half as an intern at a couple graphic design studios at Vic and Rome. And working as a graphic and product designer at a personalization shoe company at Vic. 


Position at LF CHANNEL: Graphic designer.


What do you expect from LF CHANNEL?: A place where you can learn and grow as a professional and as a person, working in a good environment. Overcoming new challenges and proposing new ideas continuously. To keep growing and evolving altogether. In short, to belong to this small family, and be able to contribute with my knowledge and values. 


How do you imagine your new position in the new business area?: In all the places I’ve been working it has been different, and I believe that the definition of graphic design adapts to a wide variety of possibilities. Design brings value to society and above all to the way we communicate, even if we are not aware of it, everything has been designed and thought for a purpose. As a graphic designer, I want to contribute my knowledge to improve communication and the society we live in. 


Beyond work: what do you like to do in your free time?: I am an art lover, and whenever I can, I visit new museums and art exhibitions. It helps me to keep updated with creative trends. And I never say no to going for a walk or a drink with friends or family. Any excuse is good to get together with your people and have a good time. 


What do you find particularly fascinating about the technology industry?: One of the things I find most fascinating about technology is the speed with which it innovates and creates new ways to meet society’s needs. It’s a powerful tool, and although it also has its downside, when used for the right purpose, it can make people’s lives easier. At the end of the day, it is like a library with any knowledge you can think of. And at the same time, it makes us more human because, thanks to it, we can connect with people and socialize. 


What is your favorite social media platform and why?: Without a doubt Instagram, I’m more visually driven, and Instagram is a digital gallery with a great variety of content. It allows you to interact in different ways with your followers and friends. 


How do you find out about news, on paper or online?: Although I am a lover of print paper, I look at the news digitally, especially for the convenience and immediacy. 


Last question: do you like cats (sorry, but we had to ask it 😉): Yes, I love cats I’ve never had them at home, but I have many friends who have one, and they are great company! 

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