We signed the Respon.cat Manifesto to reinforce our commitment to CSR and sustainability

7 Jul 2023

At LF Channel, we join the Manifesto for an Economy with Purpose to consolidate our social duty as a communication and PR agency

This initiative by Respon.cat, the leading business organization for Corporate Social Responsibility in Catalonia, encourages the business sector to advance in the active development of corporate responsibility towards society, with a triple impact: economic, social, and environmental. By adhering to the Manifesto, at LF Channel, we seek to continue reinforcing our commitment to sustainability at the environmental and social levels, as well as positioning ourselves as a reference agency in the fields of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

“LF Channel’s purpose is to improve our impact by helping our clients reinforce their commitment to the environment and societies. That’s why we consider it essential to support initiatives such as the Respon.cat Manifesto,” says Imma Folch, founder and CEO of the communications agency. “We want to create value for both ourselves and our partners, improving our CSR practices and helping other companies on their way to social responsibility. Building a more sustainable future is a joint mission in which organizations have a fundamental role, and initiatives like Respon.cat’s are essential to achieve real results.”

By adhering to Respon.cat’s Manifesto for an Economy with Purpose, we continue on our path towards sustainability and corporate responsibility. In this way, we reinforce our commitment after the launch of the DEI Channel initiative, a specialized unit where we accompany companies to be the engine of change towards a more inclusive and sustainable society. At DEI Channel, we offer CSR services, fundraising, DEI training, DEI governance strategies, adaptation of DEI processes, and inclusive communication to companies and nonprofit organizations.

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