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19 Sep 2022

Public relations includes different communication actions to strengthen relationships with a brand’s stakeholders. One of the main audiences is the media.

When drawing up an effective public relations plan with the media, we must take into account not only the information we will send them, but also the way in which we deliver the messages that interest the brand. One of the best known tools is to send an original and creative physical detail to journalists. Some people call it a press kit to refer to this action.

This practice should not be seen as a ‘promotional mailing’ or a ‘gift’ to please the media, but as a technique that seeks to attract the attention of the receiver, so that the recipient spreads the key messages of our brand in a more attractive way. It is a tool that enhances the generation of engagement with the media, as long as it is complemented with a good pitch and is done correctly.


Before carrying out such a practice, we must be able to answer these two questions:

  • For what reason have I decided to do a creative media mailing? On many occasions, we have seen that brands send mailings to journalists without a clear purpose. The journalists who receive this gift are professionals and they need to understand why we are sending them this detail, since it is not a mere altruistic gift, but neither is it something with which we intend to “buy” their opinions. The ideal is to send these gifts for a clear reason, such as the launch of a new product, to thank them for their trust at the end of the year or to invite them to a physical event.
  • How do I position my brand and what would I like to achieve with this gift for journalists? The answer to this question will determine which gift idea to choose. Our objective may be, for example, to gain visibility on social networks, confirm attendance at an event or simply get to know the journalist a little better. In any case, this is not an exchange (we send a gift in return for an action on the part of the journalist), so we should not perform this action expecting to receive something back.


On the other hand, we will take into account the messaging positioning that the company wants to achieve. It is not the same for a brand whose core message is sustainability, as it is for a company that offers luxury tourist experiences and whose positioning is exclusivity.

Once we are clear about the purpose of the mailing and the result we want to achieve, we have to select the detail we will send. Here are 3 ideas for creative mailings to journalists as part of an effective public relations action.


1. Breakfast at home

Breakfasts, snacks, meals….They are the order of the day, especially after the boom they have had during the pandemic (since we could not go to restaurants). In the last couple of years it has become a powerful PR tool, especially for generating connection with attendees at an online event. Where we used to rent a room with a caterer and invite the press, we can now organize a videoconference and send a hearty breakfast to the homes of meeting participants. And, now that events are going back to being face-to-face, why not send a breakfast at home, including our physical invitation? This way, we will generate expectation among the person who receives it, and they will surely take note of the date of our event!

-> Why do we recommend it? To invite to events or celebrate virtual breakfasts with people who are not physically in the same city. If our product is related to gastronomy or healthy living, we can integrate it into this delivery.


2. Personalized stationery

Journalists spend a good part of their working day writing, so any accessory for your computer, recorder or notebook will be more than welcome. In LF Channel we have made ecological speakers to incorporate into the mobile, mouse pads, notepads, pencil pots, plants for the desk …. What we recommend is to bet, as far as possible, for the customization of each object. For example, you can create a notebook with the name of the journalist or the media, so that the recipient will feel that it is a detail designed especially for him.

->  Why do we recommend it? Very interesting option for seasonal moments such as New Year or back to school. It can be a way to “cheer up” the press with these new moments, while sharing information about a new company announcement, whether it is a new product or service launch, corporate results of the company, business news in our country…..


3. Customized product testing

In the industry we usually call “seeding” the sending of a product to a media outlet to test and/or analyze it in a review. This is a very common PR practice, especially in the gadgets and technology products sector. These media submissions can be optimized if, in addition to the product we are sending for testing, we complement it with some exclusive detail to the media.

Some ideas:

– If the product can be given as a gift to the journalist, we can personalize it with his or her name or with the logo of his or her media outlet.

– If it is a trial of a service, it can be personalized according to the preferences of the person receiving it.

– The product can be delivered together with a handmade card hoping that he/she will like it.

->  What do we recommend it for? For companies that have a physical product or service that a media outlet can test.


There are endless possibilities for creative pitches to journalists as part of a public relations strategy. The important thing is to keep our objective in mind, and look for a creative idea that is truly aligned with the storytelling and corporate messages of each brand.

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