1 Sep 2023

In a communications agency there is a lot of work that is sometimes difficult to be recognized. Behind a media impact (or clipping, as we also call it) there is a strategy designed and applied: from the drafting of the content, to the monitoring of the subject with journalists or direct relations with these professionals.  The final result of this work translates into publications that appear in the media.

Both for our clients and for the LF Channel team, recognizing this job well done is a satisfaction. For this reason, we have launched: “LF HITS”.


Nextdoor at YoDona

After an intense work and monitoring to achieve the goal, the LF Channel team recently managed to get a lifestyle media with a wide reach aimed at a female audience such as Yo Dona to include in its magazine the story of Consol, a woman who has dodged unwanted loneliness thanks to Nextdoor. As she explains, “I was looking for a group of people who were lonely but wanted to share. It didn’t matter if they were men or women”

In the article there is space to report on the study The Cost of Unwanted Loneliness, conducted by the ONCE Foundation in collaboration with Nextdoor, and includes statements by Katherine Villegas, City Manager of Nextdoor in Madrid.

Great work by the team behind this account!


Pure Storage at D+I Invertia El Español

Pure Storage, a company that develops all-flash data storage solutions, celebrated its annual brand event in the United States. LF Channel, through the management of a press trip, managed to position the brand in a recognized media such as El Español, one of the most important national media, specifically in its technology section, Disruptores&Innovadores.

In the extensive article published in D+I, the company is highlighted as a leader in the sector, innovative and with a great trajectory. The way in which Pure is discussed is very positive, reporting on the launches presented and even includes statements from its main spokespersons. Regarding the company’s goal of replacing traditional storage with all-flash data centers, the opinion of Ajay Singh, Chief Product Officer of Pure Storage, stands out, pointing out that “the expansion of this family of products will eliminate the last remnants of magnetic hard disks in companies”.

Congratulations to the LF team!


Synology at Byte TI

Synology, a company that enables businesses to manage, secure and protect all their data, is featured in the in-depth article on Intelligent Data Management and Administration published in the latest issue of Byte IT magazine. The piece, which highlights the importance of managing data in today’s digital age, includes Synology’s vision as an industry thought leader. In addition to the good references it makes about the brand, it positions Tomás Saiz, Synology’s Business Development for Spain and Portugal. One of the most striking statements made by Tomás himself is the following: “The essential thing is to define a good strategy and know how to answer the question: What data do I need and what do I need from the data?

Managing this impact has been done proactively by the LF Channel team, and is the result of relationships established with the Byte IT team over the years. Staying ahead of the issues a journalist is preparing is a complicated but very rewarding task.

Congratulations to the LF team for Synology for pursuing the story and ensuring brand positioning!


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