18 Jan 2024

We are back with the first “LF HITS” of 2024! We are ready with renewed batteries and eager to continue achieving even better results than last year for all of our clients. The LF Channel team always chase the excellence and, as an example, here are the best clippings we have achieved in the last weeks. 


Bike Club at La Vanguardia 

Have you ever heard of Bike Club? It is a subscription service for children’s bicycles that, little by little, has been gaining ground in the Spanish market. The LF Channel team is working with this client to achieve the best results. After a very exhaustive work, the team behind this account managed to get one of the most important general media in the country, La Vanguardia, to talk about the arrival of the company in Spain. 

In addition, taking advantage of the holiday season, emphasis was placed on the benefits that families could obtain by opting for a bike subscription service instead of buying a new bike for their children. Is there a better way to start the year than with this result? 


Avast at La Sexta 

Avast, a Gen brand, a global leader in digital security and privacy with hundreds of millions of online users, returns to the “LF HITS” podium with a great result. The team behind this account managed to get Luis Corrons, the company’s Security Evangelist, interviewed on ‘Más Vale Tarde’, a daily program on La Sexta, one of the most watched TV channels in Spain. As if this was not enough, the program mentions Luis as a “recognized security expert”. 

The team behind Avast’s account has started the year as well or better than they ended it. This result has even more merit if we take into account that, sometimes, it is difficult to find a place in a daily TV magazine where current affairs and political analysis prevail. As we all know… The fantastic LF Channel’s team can tackle anything! 


Charge Amps en Diario de Sevilla 

The first “LF HITS” podium of the year is crowded of PR excellence. In addition to La Vanguardia and La Sexta, we get the publication of Charge Amps at Diario de Sevilla. Getting the information about this client published in one of the most important regional media in the country wasn’t easy. In addition, the other nine media of the Joly Group also published the information. 

The article deals with one of the topics that currently generates most interest in society, electric vehicles. As we know, the transition to electric mobility is already a reality and the article starts with the following question: “Why is one in four public charging points for electric vehicles not operational?” 

Congratulations to the great team behind this account! 


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