LF CARES: LF Channel’s support to your CSR & DEI initiatives

15 Dec 2022

At LF Channel, we believe our work can create meaningful impact through conversations, and we want to help build a more responsible, sustainable, inclusive, and equitable society. Thus, we are very excited to launch LF CARES.

LF CARES program pursues to amplify our client’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Through communication actions, we would support you in giving visibility to some of the initiatives you are carrying out locally or globally that positively impact society. No fees attached.

Irene Coll, CSR Manager at LF Channel, explained: “Our idea is to provide channels so that those CSR and DEI initiatives clients are launching can reach further. They are often invisible, for various reasons, and we are motivated to make them shine. We love to know and be close to the values of the companies we work with, and to spread further the role they play in society.”

Imma Folch, CEO and founder of the Spanish communications and marketing agency LF Channel, and president of diversity, equality, and inclusion, EMEA at Worldcom PR Group, said: “People care about the future of the planet, the environment, and the societies in which we live. And, as PR professionals, we are proud to offer what we do best and put it at the service of initiatives that want to transform the world.”

LF Cares is a program set up by LF Channel and offered free of charge to push initiatives related to DEI or ESG values through the social, environmental and good governance commitment of organisations.


Irene Coll
RSC & DEI Manager


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