Big Data and artificial intelligence: the best allies of modern communication

16 Jan 2023

Today’s society is witnessing major changes at all levels; and technology has changed the rules of the game, especially thanks to digitalisation. Technological revolutions are happening in ever shorter periods of time, as is the concept of 5G and the entrenchment of Industry 4.0. This translates to empowering the transformation of the industrial sector into smart spaces based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and cognitive computing. Our CEO, Imma Folch Lázaro, discusses these aspects in this article in Dirigentes Digital.

Communication professionals must know how to take advantage of the technological revolution we are experiencing to improve the relationship between organisations and their stakeholders. And it is in this equation where Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a leading role:

Big Data is already on everyone’s mind and has become essential when it comes to making business decisions. It also serves as a very powerful process for knowing and managing customer data in an optimal way, with the aim of offering them personalised experiences and adapting as much as possible to their tastes and needs.
The great potential of artificial intelligence lies in the automation of content generation. This system helps communication professionals to improve their communication strategy by generating greater interest.

The technological revolution in the media

The greatest value for a media outlet is to receive quality and exclusive information. Mass mailings to infinite databases work less and less and journalists are tired of our lack of filtering when it comes to mailings.

Personalisation is the way forward and for this we must take care of our content strategy. We have to adapt to trends before they even appear. Anticipation and segmentation are essential words to achieve a 360 degree communication adapted to the current situation.

For example, in the case of social media, there should always be a team responsible for reviewing user feedback. Using technology to quickly detect a potential crisis by analysing social media conversations can allow us to mitigate the problem before it spreads. Let’s take advantage of the potential of technology!

The importance of ethics in data generation

We are all aware that any daily activity of any person is likely to generate data of interest to companies and corporations. This has a direct impact on the privacy and identity of users, generating biases and prejudices that should concern us. As with any other aspect of life, our coexistence with artificial intelligence must be based on ethics.

Modern linguistics plays an important role in this scenario. The integration of inclusive communication in early childhood education is already being discussed.The same reflection should be applied to the field of artificial intelligence so that this technology can grow free of prejudice.

Therefore, we must apply inclusive communication in any communication strategy we develop. We must be aware of globalisation and that our communications can reach very diverse audiences. Not understanding this interculturality will only hinder us on the road to a fairer world. Bearing in mind that the future is a digital world, if we want it to be more egalitarian, we need technology to be more egalitarian too. And you, do you want to be part of the change to achieve equality when it comes to communication?

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