How was our 25+2 anniversary celebration? 

24 May 2023

LF Channel celebrated its 27-year history with a fantastic event full of memories, diversity conversations and good company.

Last Thursday, May 18th, we celebrated LF Channel’s 25+2 anniversary. The agency celebrated its 25+2 years of history in the presence of the entire team, former colleagues, family, friends, partners, and clients. Almost 80 people joined us on this wonderful afternoon at the Moritz Factory in Barcelona. Its large industrial columns were illuminated in “LF Channel’s red” to welcome the guests.

The event began with the intervention of Imma Folch, founder and CEO of LF Channel, offering a review of the company’s history, from the beginning until today. An entertaining speech in which she told us curious facts about LF Channel, how the company has evolved, its raison d’être, and how it has reached this point. It was very exciting to visualize and understand through her words how LF Channel has adapted to the times and the needs of the client companies.

We also saw how LF Channel has remained faithful to its principles since its beginnings. It bet mainly on technological clients, but with a great resilience capacity, allowing us to reach the current moment. A review of our corporate history accompanied by fun photos of emblematic moments for LF Channel!

As part of the anniversary celebration, Imma Folch announced the launch of a new line of business for the company: DEI Channel, the first consulting firm to bring entities closer to private companies and create projects with social and environmental benefits in order to create a fairer, more diverse and sustainable society.

Understanding how this revolutionary proposal came about was very interesting. A response to the values and concerns that have driven LF Channel for over a decade.

Afterwards, Imma Folch surprised the attendees by handing out four very special awards: a cat trophy, a distinctive element of the company’s image for decades. The first was for Martín Marcos, the supplier with whom the company has worked for the longest time. The next was for Yolanda Martínez, LF Channel’s first employee. Next, Celia Díaz, LF Channel’s New Business Director, and Imma Folch’s right-hand woman for more than 20 years. Undoubtedly, it was a pleasant surprise for Celia. And finally, Wacom, the agency’s longest-standing client, received an award. LF Channel would like to thank those people and companies who have supported it throughout its journey!

The celebration continued with a fascinating conversation between Celia Díaz and Miquel Missé, sociologist and independent consultant in the field of public policies for sexual and gender diversity. An interview focused on the importance that diversity brings to the company in terms of talent retention, the creation of creative teams, and innovation. Also discussed was the importance of reflecting on diversity and inclusion from a business perspective, where solutions such as DEI Channel are essential.

In this sense, Missé emphasized that “to commit to diversity you need to be coherent and look inward at your work teams and see what they are saying to you”. It was a pleasure to listen to his words and reflect on them.

The music group Amanzonians finished the anniversary party by livening up the day with Jamaican rhythms and reggae music. We discovered the singles from their first album, “Haciendo Tribu”, in which they vindicate women’s presence on stage with messages full of hope and social themes.

It was a pleasure to meet again with so many people who have supported LF Channel throughout its history and who have been part of all the milestones. It was also very exciting to see former members of the team, essential professionals to get to where we are now.

Thank you very much to all of you for coming.

For many more years together!

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