Women’s Month, working to make future female leaders more visible 

8 Mar 2023

Meet the women who lead companies who trust us as their PR agency


Today is an important date in LF Channel’s calendar: 8 March, International Women’s Day.

The commemoration dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when demonstrations for equality between men and women were held. Despite this, the date was not recognized until 1975. Today, nearly 50 years later, streets in cities around the world seize the moment to turn purple, chanting in unison that freedom is earned through practice.

It is clear that European countries have made great strides in achieving gender equality in recent decades. In the case of Spain, the gap between men and women in access to education, work and decision-making power has narrowed. Progress towards full equality has also slowed, however, because at the current rate of progress, according to available data, it will take Spanish society almost a quarter of a century to achieve full equality.

In this context, we believe that communication is a key factor in accelerating change. Communication is the way to make visible. For this reason, at LF Channel, we want to give space to the women in the companies we work with every day, so that they can be a point of reference for future generations. Despite the gender gap, slow progress in equality politics, lack of role models and underrepresentation in the workplace, these women have grown and achieved their goals.



We would like to dedicate this month to them. We start with Marta Álvarez Escudé, Southern Europe Director of Nextdoor, the platform that connects neighbours; followed by Ana Solá, CEO of Cinesi, Mobility and Transport Consultancy; and then Giulia Borsa, Senior ESG solutions Advisor at EcoVadis, leaders in supply chain sustainability ratings and ESG assessments; and more to come!

Visit our Instagram account to get to know many others in the coming days.


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