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29 Mar 2023

Name: Nerea Cuartero Martínez



Advertising and Public Relations Degree by the International University of Catalunya (UIC)

Certified Wedding Planner & Designer course by Marta Priu


Previous experience:

Plus 5 years of experience in communications and public relations in Spanish agencies with international presence. Working with clients from different sectors such as: technology, health insurance, consumer, automotive, travel, fashion, cosmetics, bank, as well as Influencer marketing and digital marketing.


Position at LF CHANNEL: Account manager


What do you expect from LF CHANNEL?

A good working environment, learning and growing a lot inside the sector. I believe that when there’s a good working environment with colleagues, is when everything turns out smoothly, after all, we are a team, and we spend almost more hours together than with our families. So, what better way to spend that time than in the best possible way. I think LF Channel is going to teach me many things and I hope I can also contribute with everything I can.


How do you imagine your work in public relations? 

Before I started university, I thought that a public relation was someone who spent all day at events and parties. Working in agencies, I’ve been able to discover that this job goes beyond the vision I had, and I think it also matches with the personality, not everyone could do the job and be successful. I’d like to be able to think that with my work in public relations, I’m adding something more to society and western life. I believe that thanks to our work, we can reach tons of people.


Beyond work, what do you like to do in your free time? 

I love everything related with the “esoterical” world, astral chart, reiki… I love to travel, to get to know new cultures, to do sport, the world of cinema and television, to watch horror movies at Halloween and Christmas movies at Christmas. Everything related to the Harry Potter world, I’d love to be a Griffindor but I’m afraid I’m a Slytherin.  I love dining out, a good “sobremesa”, afternoons parties, Japanese food or a cold bloody mary in the sun, scape rooms (but never scary), a good sunset, walking on the beach, alone or in company, animals…


What do you find particularly fascinating about the technology industry?

What attracts me most about the industry is the way human race surprise me. Sometimes I think everything has been invented and we have reached a limit. But in this industry, there are no limits. Besides being a sector that connects people, an example was FB at the time.


What is your favorite social networking platform and why? 

Like the Millennial I am I must say that Instagram is my favorite app or at least the one I use for many things. Incredible photos, food, destinations, postureo, soft stalking… Although lately I’m liking a lot TikTok. I think it’s a place where postureo doesn’t exist and ease is abundant, since you can deal with an infinite number of topics.


How do you get your news, in print or online?

Always online, usually by some news agency to know not only the national news, but also the international ones. Ángel Martín’s newscast is very interesting for knowing the headlines. Nowadays we look for the immediacy, although to have a broader perspective I always do it through the websites of the newspapers.


Last question: do you like cats (sorry, but we had to ask it 😉). 

Obviously! My two cats will be able to confirm it. One of my wishes is to have a house with a big yard to welcome all the kittens in the world!!!!


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