Supporting women’s sport

2 Nov 2022

LF Channel sponsors the Women’s Pádel Club Tennis Figueres team in the II Copa de España de Ligas Autonómicas that will be played from November 3 to 6

At LF Channel we want to make visible the role of women in grassroots sports and we have decided to sponsor the Women’s Padel Club Tennis Figueres Team in its participation in the II Spanish Cup of Regional Team Leagues. Taking a step beyond our purpose focused on communication based on diversity, fairness and equality, the entire LF Channel team is firmly committed to supporting women’s sport and its visibility, which at the moment does not receive the same media attention as their male counterparts. For this reason, we are proud of this act, not only in terms of money, which is key to their survival, but also emotionally. All the members of LF Channel are excited and eager to see how the participants of the Pádel Club Tennis Figueres perform in the championship that will take place between November 3 and 6 in Zaragoza!

Agos Szyller, coach of the team, explains: “The situation of female athletes has improved a lot compared to previous years, but we are still not on equal terms with the male categories. It is a continuous struggle that we must not give up. It is important that different organizations in society support women’s sports, as well as that the fans go to the matches and get involved in supporting the players”.

Bearing in mind that the players of the Pádel Club Tennis Figueres do not dedicate themselves to this sport professionally and combine their training with professional work in other varied fields, the successes they have achieved in recent months deserve all admiration and consideration. “We value that all the members of the team combine their daily work and personal life with padel training. Local and amateur sport is the basis for the dissemination of values that affect our daily lives and improve the environment that surrounds us. These are the values that we firmly support from our company”, says Imma Folch, CEO and founder of the communication agency LF Channel.

If all goes well, the players of the Pádel Club Tennis Figueres will end the season as League champions, achieving promotion to the Division de Honor, Champions of Catalonia region and who knows… maybe this weekend we have to celebrate that they are proclaimed champions of the Copa de España de Ligas Autonómicas.

We’ll be following them!


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