30 May 2024

Every time our team manages to get a media appearance, it is the result of painstaking and constant work. In the world of communication, building a solid relationship with journalists over time and across different projects is fundamental.

Each media appearance, each article obtained, represents the end of a process that involves anticipating trends and creating valuable content.

The LF Channel team stands out for its ability to understand media demands, generate relevant content and establish meaningful personal relationships with journalists.


If you want to see some examples, here are some of the best news stories achieved in recent weeks:

Nido Living in Hola

The Nido Living team has achieved an appearance in the lifestyle magazine Hola, a great achievement that highlights the value of the brand’s proposal to one of its target audiences: parents of young people who are about to start university. Thanks to the efforts of the LF Channel team, it has been possible to find the angle so that this magazine could be interested in Nido’s information.


Nextdoor-Informativos RTVE

Nextdoor’s clipping in Informativos de RTVE programme is proof of the account team’s constant effort to manage this type of opportunities in television, which require monitoring the news, responding immediately to media requests and facing challenging conditions.


Pure Storage in El País

The appearance of Pure Storage, an enterprise data storage and management company, in El País is a remarkable achievement on the part of the account team, as getting an appearance in a top national media outlet with such a technical client is difficult. The piece includes several statements from the company’s spokesperson, Adela de Toledo, based on a previous interview.


Ecovadis in El Economista

Finally, the appearance of Ecovadis in El Economista, in both online and print versions, shows the continuous effort of the team.

The clipping shows the value of sustainability from a business point of view.


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