30 Apr 2024

Behind every media presence achieved by one of the agency’s communications teams is a long history of work. For communication professionals, it is the relationship of trust with journalists that makes the difference, over time and for the various clients managed. Every “clipping”, that is to say every piece of news published in the media after our management, is only the final result of a long and arduous journey. The LF Channel team keeps abreast of press trends, anticipates the needs of journalists, creates valuable content, meets their requirements and often ends up building excellent personal relationships with them.  All these efforts are reflected in the publications that end up in the media.

Do you want to see some examples? Here are the best news achieved by the LF Channel team in the last weeks:


RH Privé in Diario Sur

After an intense effort and constant monitoring to achieve its objective, the LF Channel team recently obtained an important presence in Diario Sur. This was materialised through an opinion article signed exclusively by its spokesperson and CEO, Guillermo Rodríguez, both in the online edition and in print, achieving RH Privé‘s objective: to consolidate itself as an outstanding real estate developer at a national level.


Wildix in El Economista

The LF team managed to place an article on cybersecurity, signed by Juan García, Head of Tech Support at Wildix, in one of the most important economic media in the country, El Economista.


Calala in La Vanguardia

Calalas appearance in La Vanguardia clearly exemplifies the power of teamwork and perseverance. LF Channel managed to adapt the organisation’s message to the needs of the media, which resulted in an in-depth article in La Vanguardia with data on the research carried out in collaboration with the Dalia Fund.

Without a doubt, a great job by the teams behind these accounts!

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