31 Oct 2023

The last months of the year are full of important news for companies. They all want to appear in the media and competition is fierce.  For this reason, it is necessary to do a great job of monitoring in order to get into the media of reference in Spain. From LF Channel we are doing this work to ensure that our clients have a relevant presence in the last quarter of the year. There is nothing that can resist us! We leave you a new installment of “LF Hits”, the best news achieved by our team recently. 


Cinesi at Expansión

How many companies would like to have their news published in such a relevant media as Expansión? Surely most of them would. This media is one of the most important and, therefore, it is not at all easy for a news item to find a place in it. This is something that is achieved with an enormous work of monitoring and proposing topics.  

And that is what the LF Channel team did to ensure that the interview of Ana Solá, CEO of the company, where she analyzes what is at stake for Spain if the Sustainable Mobility Law is not approved, was published in this media.    

Congratulations to the great team behind the Cinesi account for this success and to the Cinesi team for continuing to lead the conversation in the field of sustainable mobility! 


Nextdoor at Onda Cero

Another installment of “LF Hits” where Nextdoor is again among the best results obtained by the LF Channel team. This can only be achieved in two ways: with hard work and perseverance. The team behind this account got Onda Cero, one of the national radio stations of reference, to dedicate a space of almost 3 minutes to talk about Nextdoor, an application that connects neighbors.  

In the program Julia en la Onda they talked about the use of the application by neighbors, many data of the app were put on the table and also had an intervention by the spokeswoman of the company. Is there a better way to face the final months of the year than this?   

Congratulations to the LF team for Nextdoor for this super job! 


Nido at Onda Cero

If it’s already a success to get one of our clients on Onda Ceroimagine getting two in the same month! The team behind the account of Nido, a company that offers student residences adapted to their needs and the main international operator and manager of student residences in Europe, managed to get the radio station to dedicate a space to talk about the company and, in this way, continue to make itself known within the national territory.  

The piece lasts two minutes and deals with a topic that is currently the order of the day: student residences and the alternative they represent to the high price of rented apartments. In addition, the space counted with the intervention of Javier Baines, spokesman of the company, who told first hand the services that the company offers in our country.   

Congratulations to the Nido team for this great work! 

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