2 Oct 2023

Summer is a breath of fresh air, but also a challenge for communication experts.  Newsrooms become emptier, it is difficult to sell not very “sunny” topics and we have to juggle to continue offering the best media presence to our clients. Nothing that, with creativity and perseverance, can resist the LF Channel team! So, here is a new batch of “LF Hits”, the best news achieved by the LF Channel team for our clients during August 2023. 


Nextdoor at Diez Minutos

After intense work and constant monitoring, the LF Channel team managed to get the campaign launched by Nextdoor calling to prevent animal abandonment, #JUNTOSCONTRAELABANDONO2023, into Diez Minutos, one of the most recognized magazines in the lifestyle field 

The objective of this campaign was that neighbors with animals had the opportunity to meet each other through the application and, in this way, help each other. The aim was that pet owners could have a good summer and go on vacation, but without forgetting to leave their best friend in good hands. It also provided interesting data such as, for example, that almost 70% of the people who are part of the Nextdoor network volunteered to take care of other people’s pets so that they could go on vacation.  

A media success that connects with the values of the entire LF Channel team! 


Nokia at Aral

The LF Channel team managed to place an article on the industrial metaverse in Aral, a leading retail and FMCG publication. Nokia’s corporate technical director, Gloria Touchard, signed the piece, which explained that the industrial metaverse is creating substantial business value. This is evidenced by recent research from Nokia and Ernst & Young (EY), in which 80% of companies surveyed that have already implemented metaverse use cases believe it will have a significant or transformative impact on the way they do business.  

The article deals with a hot topic, with an innovative approach and provides an attractive headline, one of those that compel you to open the news and read it to the end. Gloria Touchard provides interesting data that confirms the increased interest in the metaverse today, for example, that 58% of business leaders have already implemented or tested a metaverse use case today. 

Congratulations to the LF for Nokia team for getting this publication! 

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