LF Channel signs the European diversity charter for Spain

24 Aug 2022

Diversity and inclusion, as well as equality, are fundamental pillars in our work environment, but also outside it. Aware of this, at LF Channel we have signed the European Diversity Charter for Spain, a project promoted by the European Commission and the Ministry of Equality. This document, entitled the Diversity Charter, is a commitment to which companies voluntarily adhere, acquiring the responsibility to comply with its 10 principles linked to the promotion of a socially respectful, economically sustainable, and legally rigorous environment.   

To date, more than 1,500 Spanish companies have signed the Charter and more than 13,000 companies throughout the European Union are committed to complying with current regulations on equal opportunities and anti-discrimination. 

The 10 principles of the Diversity Charter, according to the tor.”>Diversity Foundation: 

Raising awareness and disseminating the principles of equal opportunities and respect for diversity among employees.    
Likewise, diversity among staff members should be recognized by encouraging the integration of personnel with diverse profiles. 
Promote inclusion, achieving a more effective integration.   
Consider diversity in all people management policies, being the basis for decisions made in personnel management and HR practices. 
Promote work-life balance through a balance between work, family, personal and leisure time. 
Recognize customer diversity as a source of innovation and development. 
Extend and communicate the commitment to diversity to every employee in the organization. 
Disseminate this commitment to supplier companies, inviting them to adhere to it. 
To convey this commitment to administrations, trade unions and business organizations, among other social agents. 
Reflect non-discriminatory support activities, as well as the results obtained in the implementation of diversity policies in the company’s annual report. 

By signing the Diversity Charter, companies enter into a relationship with other member companies, committing themselves to exchange best practices and learn from the policies and actions that are currently being implemented. In addition, it spreads a positive message in favour of equality and diversity, enhancing the quality of life and quality of work for people around the world. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion should be some of the most relevant issues among those who hold management and leadership positions within organizations. As our CEO and founder, Imma Folch, said, “at LF Channel we have observed how companies that champion diversity are more resilient than those that do not. We live in an era in which the values and purpose of companies not only define the ethical level of organizations, but also directly influence their results and survival. That is why by joining this initiative, we want to demonstrate our commitment and dedication to inclusive work and equal opportunities”. 

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