Launch of Salus, a new preparedness and protection service to face crisis

18 Oct 2022

The PR agencies partners of The Worldcom PR Group have just launched a new crisis preparedness and response service: Salus. Salus is our integrated and global response to brand protection needs, especially in the most critical moments, when their reputation and business are at stake. Its name, which honors the Roman goddess of security, prosperity and well-being, arose with the idea of materializing Worldcom’s global approach, the specificity of each territory led by the network’s partner agencies and the needs of brands to be prepared for possible crises, as well as to face them when they are activated.



Imma Folch, CEO and founder of the Spanish communication and marketing agency LF Channel, president of diversity, equality and inclusion for EMEA of Worldcom PR Group, comments: “Organizations with an intelligent approach prepare themselves to face potential crises before they occur. Being proactive is, in these cases, essential to manage a crisis in the most satisfactory way possible. From Worldcom, the partners located in different countries offer the best service that combines a global vision with the local perspective necessary to carry out the appropriate analysis and containment measures.”


Thought to satisfy the needs of brands with significant risks that are not ever-present
Salus is designed to help organisations protect high value human, physical, intellectual or brand assets. The service has two phases, Prepare and Protect. The Prepare phase provides an initial risk assessment, intake of essential information and identification of who to contact in the event of a crisis occurring. It also provides the client access to 24x7x365 on-call availability of Worldcom’s crisis experts who are ready to respond in the event of a crisis occurring. The Protect phase delivers expert protection during a live crisis.

The new service is priced to help brands with significant risks which are not ever-present be prepared for the worst. The initial risk assessment and information intake for one country is priced between €1,500 and €2,400. On-call readiness is priced at between €175 and €300 per month. Clients can decide if they need Salus protection in multiple countries. In the event of a crisis occurring, Worldcom’s Salus partners provide support for the Protect phase at their standard crisis management fee rates. If additional services are purchased during the Prepare phase, Salus clients benefit from a 10% fee discount.


The Salus service is being launched in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is the first Worldcom branded service to be launched.

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