“LF Channel wins the Dotcomm and Summit Creative Awards 2023 for their #AcceptAllCookies campaign for Avast

26 Sep 2023

At LF Channel we are proud to announce that we have been honored with two international awards for the #AcceptAllCookies campaign we conducted for Avast, the renowned antivirus company. Specifically, we have received a Gold Dotcomm Award in the ‘instructional video’ category and a 2023 Summit Creative Bronze Award in the ‘PR/event program’ category. 

“This award reflects our level of commitment to the campaigns we create for our clients, especially those we share a purpose with. Avast was concerned about the use and knowledge of internet cookies among the Spanish population and wanted to raise awareness about their dangers and how to manage them. The LF Channel team worked to conceptualize a highly impactful campaign, easily understandable for all types of audiences, and ultimately, very accessible,” explains Imma Folch, CEO and founder of LF Channel.” 


A Delicious Didactic Campaign: The Recipe for Success 

To facilitate the transmission and understanding of the message about what internet cookies are and how to manage them, the LF Channel team connected this idea with sweet cookies, developing a narrative in a recipe style. Based on this, a 360º communication campaign was launched under the name #AcceptAllCookies, in which the renowned pastry chef and influencer Alma Cupcakes collaborated. She explained in parallel what internet cookies were while preparing her own cookie recipe. 

The various communication activities and actions carried out reached a potential audience of over 1.2 billion users with an estimated economic value of over €30,000. 

“We are very proud of the awards received for this campaign and, especially, to have been able to contribute to bringing some clarity to the use of cookies among the Spanish population. These recognitions are a testament to the impact we aim to achieve with our work, strategic thinking, innovation, creativity, and the incredible culture of excellence that we have built among all the people who are part of LF Channel,” concludes Imma Folch. 

For more information about the #AcceptAllCookies campaign, visit: https://blog.avast.com/es/acceptallcookies 

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