LF Channel, recognized for its sustainable commitment and impact on diversity

1 Jul 2024

Today, we want to share some news that makes us very happy with all our followers. At LF Channel, we have just been recognized by various entities for our commitment to sustainability and our impact on our immediate surroundings. We have recently been certified in Sustainable Development Goal Standards by IFGICT, an international independent certification and examination service organization of the highest quality in a variety of global standards and best practice frameworks in the fields of business technology and information technology, selected by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as a Certified Service Provider.

“It is an honor for us to award this certification to LF Channel. Their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and their dedication to sustainable and socially responsible practices are an example for other companies in the communications industry. LF Channel has demonstrated exemplary leadership in integrating global standards and best practices, significantly contributing to a more sustainable future,” commented Dr. Kayyali Mohamed, President of IFGICT.

Imma Folch, CEO and founder of LF Channel, commented: “We have been improving our sustainable practices for many years and are committed to improving the environment around us. We firmly believe in taking care of both the people who make up the entire LF Channel organization and the ecosystems in which we operate. It is a joy to confirm that all the initiatives we have implemented have an impact and are recognized internationally,” she detailed.

A public relations agency with Impact:

Additionally, a few days ago, we were also included in the Top 10 Spanish companies whose teams most value for their social and environmental practices (ESG) by the WeImpact Index, sponsored by the certification company ChooseMyCompany, which bases its certificates and rankings on the opinions of employees, clients, and other company stakeholders.

“We are very excited to have received this recognition and to be part of the Top 10 of the WeImpact Index 2024. Even more so because the position in this ranking is determined by the opinions of the teams themselves about the initiatives and commitments of their organizations. The LF Channel team not only recognizes all the work we have been implementing over the years but is also firmly committed to all the company’s ESG initiatives, and without their contribution, this recognition would not have been possible,” says Imma Folch.

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