Welcome Laia!

5 Jun 2024

Name: Laia González y Martínez

Studies/education: Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Marketing, Master’s Degree in Strategy and Public Relations Management

Previous experience: Hill + Knowlton, V3rtice and About PR

Position at LF CHANNEL: PR Account Manager

What do you expect from LF CHANNEL? From LF Channel I hope to grow both personally and professionally. I want to learn from and be enriched by all team members as well as our clients.

How do you imagine your work in public relations?  I see my work in public relations as an opportunity to create valuable stories and conversations. It’s a new adventure with a great team from whom I can learn and enjoy the day-to-day activities.

Beyond work, what do you like to do in your free time? Disconnecting from the world with headphones and music, walking my dog, exploring new places, but most of all spending time with my friends. Any plan with them is magical.

What do you find particularly fascinating about the technology industry? What I find fascinating about the technology industry is its ubiquity and impact on all aspects of our lives. Technology offers countless ways to communicate and opens doors to imagination, allowing for constant creation and innovation. In addition, its constant evolution forces us to learn and adapt every day, which makes working in the industry exciting and enriching.

What is your favorite social networking platform and why? Spotify. I’m always, always listening to music; I can’t go out without my headphones. For me, music is an essential part of my life, so a platform that allows me to share music with friends, discover new songs and offers a wide range of possibilities makes it without a doubt my favorite and most used platform.

How do you get your news, in print or online? Mainly online.

Last question: do you like cats (sorry, but we had to ask it 😉). Of course, although I’m more of a dog person, especially mine, which is a regular at the office.

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