How to Position Your Brand in Spain’s Electric Mobility Sector

4 Jul 2024

In recent years, electric vehicles have gained significant popularity in Spain. It’s increasingly common to see electric vehicle charging stations on streets, at gas stations, and in supermarkets. The coming years are set to be pivotal for the electric mobility sector. The National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 (PNIEC) estimates that 42% of final energy consumption will be renewable, with the transport sector reducing emissions by 39% compared to 2005 levels.

The e-mobility market in Spain

How is Spain Evolving in the Electric Mobility Market?

The electric mobility market is continuously growing. The registration of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in Spain increased by 39%, reaching 139,000 units. Regarding charging points, we currently have over 30,000, a 41% growth. Compared to other European countries, Spain ranks sixth in terms of the percentage of vehicle charging points, though countries like the Netherlands, France, and Germany host more than 60% of all charging points in the European Union.

We consulted our colleagues at the PR agency Yucatán in France, who specialize in automotive communication. They explained, “With a significant increase in registrations (+16.2% compared to 2022), 2023 was a year of recovery and stability in France due to the rise in fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle registrations, especially in the Paris region. The electric car is now entering the mass adoption phase.”

In this booming sector, more and more companies are betting on new technologies and disruptive ideas that generate a positive change in the world. For example, Monta, the Danish startup specializing in electric vehicle charging, offers innovative software solutions to cover all EV charging needs.

Key Communication Strategies in the Sustainable Mobility Sector

Discussing electric mobility is currently very trendy; it’s one of the main communication trends in Spain. As consultants, we understand that communicating in the sustainable mobility sector can be challenging, as it is still an emerging and evolving industry. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor daily news and trends in the sector and focus on a communication thread centered on messages that resonate with the audience.

Here are some key communication strategies we recommend for a public relations strategy:

Develop an Engaging Narrative that Educates and Focuses on Innovation

Sustainable mobility often relies on new and emerging technologies. To enter the main conversations in the sector, we recommend focusing your message on the technological aspects and how your product or business model positively impacts society. Additionally, education is essential for changing behaviors and perceptions around sustainable mobility, helping it become the primary mode of transport in the coming years.

Dive into Regulations and Become an Expert

Recent years have seen an increase in regulatory measures that require companies and institutions to respect the environment and report all related actions. Adhering to these regulations—especially at the European and state levels—will be crucial for effectively communicating within the sector and becoming a reference point, as many discussions revolve around this topic. At LF Channel, we monitor sector trends and European government regulations daily to offer you a marketing plan tailored to your audience’s interests.

If you want to learn more about how to communicate in the electric mobility sector, download our guide.

Important Dates in the Sustainable Mobility Sector

Successful communication plans must be closely tied to current events. One of the best ways to achieve this is to know the key dates in the sector’s calendar and anchor your communication messages to these moments. Below, we provide a calendar with key dates in the sustainability/sustainable mobility sector to help you prepare a communication plan aligned with the sector’s current events.

Pivotal moments in the e-mobility sector

At LF Channel, we have been working in the sustainable mobility area for over two decades, providing communication consulting to transport and renewable energy companies. For more information, contact us.

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