How does a public relations firm add value to your business?

2 Jul 2024

In today’s dynamic world, caring for and maintaining a positive brand image and reputation is crucial for corporate success. Businesses and their leaders are facing increasing demands from society to be more human, transparent, and clear in their actions and communications. Storytelling is no longer enough; brands must now transition to storydoing. 

Partnering with a public relations firm, also known as a press office, offers a valuable solution to these challenges. PR firms provide a range of services that can significantly enhance your brand’s value. Let’s explore how a public relations firm can contribute to your brand’s success. 

To achieve this, there are different alternatives that can generate added value for companies, such as having a public relations firm, also known as a press office. Below, we tell you what it is about and how it adds value to brands and companies. 

What is a public relations (PR) firm? 

A public relations (PR) firm is composed of a team of professionals specialized in corporate communication. This firm is responsible for managing the image and reputation of companies with their different stakeholders, in addition to designing and directing the communication strategy to be implemented. Another key function of the press office, is to transmit the key messages, actions, and strategies of companies to their stakeholders through public opinion, the media, key opinion leaders, influencers, among others. 

What benefits does a PR firm offer? 

There is no doubt that having a professional communication team translates into an optimization of the company’s communication strategy. Some of the advantages of having a press office are: 

Enhanced Visibility 

Businesses achieve positioning and gain notoriety with their strategic audiences by gaining visibility in the media through quality news, reports, and interviews. An example of this is the positioning we achieved with our client, El Supremo, which recently entered the Spanish market and has generated repercussions in key media such as Esquire

Trust generation 

Communicated messages help the audience learn more about the company and arouse interest in its actions, achieving recognition that, in the long run, translates into greater trust from third parties and, therefore, potential customers. 

Crisis management  

The experience of a good public relations firm helps to correctly handle those critical and adverse situations that may arise at any time. Success lies in having a crisis manual, contingency plans, and the necessary preparation for different scenarios. This way, a crisis can be managed better without affecting the image of the company or its managers. 


In a complex environment, brands seek to differentiate themselves and not be considered as “one more”, therefore a good PR strategy adds value and helps the perception of them to be positive and be remembered over time. 

What does a press office do? 

The functions of a press office are very varied and may even depend on the specialization of its professionals. Its main functions are

Manage media relations 

The team must cultivate and maintain close relationships with the media, specialized sections, and journalists who cover topics related to the business. Providing quality information, innovative and multimedia content, and having an open-door policy will allow them to capture the attention of journalists and make the company and its leaders considered references and a reliable and trustworthy source of information. This is achieved through daily contact with journalists through the sending of press releases, interview management, organization of events or one-on-one meetings, for example. Learn some keys to generate engagement with the Spanish media

Develop tailored communication strategies 

Working together with clients, through analysis and research, to understand their communication goals and the current internal and external context of the company, in order to develop effective communication solutions. This strategy must be carefully crafted and personalized for each case, resulting in actions that are beneficial to the company and can be measured over time. 

Build, strengthen, and safeguard corporate reputation and image

This is a long-term outcome that should be expected from a sustained effort of organizations over time, maintaining clarity and transparency with stakeholders. A public relations firm plays a crucial role by contributing, through analysis and understanding of the context, to the creation and implementation of communication plans that generate a positive impact on audiences. 

If you’re looking to stand out, get noticed, and build credibility with the press and your audience, hire professional PR experts. 

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