Worldcom PR Group
30 de June de 2020, Redacción

What a true partnership really means: Worldcom PR Group

Globalization seems a word that has been with us forever. Those of us who studied marketing based on the 4 P’s grew with the sentence “Think global, act local”. But now it is part of our reality.  LF Channel has been offering public relations and communication services for 24 years in Spain and, back in 2007, when online services were starting to bloom and marketing and PR strategies were becoming more horizontal than ever, we felt the need to increase our local expertise with a global mindset.  So we applied to join the Worldcom PR Group, we were accepted, and since then it has become part of our DNA.


Worldcom is all about the benefits of partnerships based on common goals and trust. Those goals are to provide the best service to our clients based on knowledge, empathy, and ambition. We all want the best for our clients, and having such a strong partnership gives us a broad horizon of possibilities. We learn from our partners, share experiences learned in the industry, update our services with the help of those who are ahead of us, and stand together in good and hard times.


Worldcom partners are independent agencies, where the CEOs, founders and managing directors are on the day to day business. We all understand each other, we all have the same pains, fears, and we thrive and congratulate ourselves for the same wins. Despite of being from 49 different countries, multiple sectors, and different sizes, we are one. As a leader, I feel blessed of having the privilege of being able to share and receive support when most needed. It  has been 13 years so far, and none has been as rewarding as this one. Managing a business through the COVID19 pandemia has brought many unknown challenges with unclear future. Sharing practices on client management, remote working, agency operations, and having an emotional support, has definitely been the most valuable asset that Worldcom has provided to us as an agency, with a clear impact on our clients, and to me as a leader.


¡Let’s go for at least 13 more years!