Virtual reality to improve the lives of our elders
2 de June de 2022, Redacción

Virtual reality to improve the lives of our elders


Nokia, together with Cáritas and Telefónica España, has launched a project that puts the technology at the service of the elderly to improve their daily lives. Based on music therapy, thanks to VR (virtual reality) and 5G, elderly people with neurodegenerative diseases enjoy a multisensory experience that improves their quality of life. From LF Channel, we launched a communication strategy to reach as many publications and types of media as possible, providing them with access to information about the pilot project and to talk to all the parties involved.

How did we do it?

  • We organized an online press event so that press from different locations around Spain could have access to both the people in charge of the project and the people in charge of implementing it in the Segovia residence where this pilot is taking place.
  • Target: technology, general and lifestyle media, as well as press focused on senior citizens.

What was the result?

Extensive media coverage in general, lifestyle, health, technology, senior citizen and other media. More than 30 press clippings in relevant media such as RNE Infosalus, Elle or Redes & Telecom.

Customer satisfaction in unveiling a project that connects with their values and goes a step further in the company’s purpose.



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