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Essential design element for immersive Smart spaces

Taipei, Taiwan, 30 April, 2015 – VIA Technologies, Inc, today has announced the VIA Chrome® Video Wall DS Series Controllers featuring a wide selection of flexible media servers for creating stunning multi-paneled menu boards as well as standard, mosaic and architectural video wall canvasses for delivering dynamic digital signage content.

Leveraging VIA’s advanced Chrome® graphics capabilities, VIA Chrome® Video Wall DS Series Controllers support playback of stunning Ultra HD (4K) content as well as the simultaneous playback of multiple Full HD videos in the most popular formats allowing for the creation of a rich mix of compelling content which truly engages with audiences.

Combined with VIA MagicView®, a powerful and flexible content management platform for designing, distributing and displaying digital signage content, VIA Chrome® Video Wall DS Series Controllers provide an all-in-one server design, making content management and layout design much easier and more cost-efficient. VIA MagicView® also incorporates unique irregular stitching capabilities and content overlay abilities to allow users to freely arrange content across multiple screens to deliver the maximum impact.

“Video walls are fast becoming an essential design element in the creation of immersive spaces across a growing number of environments such as retail, entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and transportation hubs” said Epan Wu, Head of VIA Embedded, VIA Technologies, Inc. “VIA Chrome® Video Wall DS Series Controllers provide the ideal platforms with their flexible configurations for installations which stimulate the senses and truly connect with people.”

VIA Chrome® Video Walls are a core component of VIA Smart City Platforms, which also include digital signage, VIA AirTalk™ beacon technology, and cloud-based management solutions. They have already experienced considerable success in Taiwan helping to transform experiences in a number of leading cinemas, hotels, shopping centers, transportation hubs and retail stores including the Breeze Center located in the heart of Taipei’s fashion district.

VIA Chrome® Video Wall DS Series Controllers
VIA Chrome® Video Wall DS Series Controllers combined with VIA MagicView® content management software, for easy layout design, playback, and scheduling, are ideal for small-to-medium sized video wall configurations such as digital menu boards, display walls, and architectural video walls across a wide variety of environments including retail, entertainment, hospitality, transportation, public, and corporate spaces.

  • Support for up to 16 Full HD outputs
  • Multiple Full HD simultaneous video playback and 4K support
  • 360° display orientation for architectural and mosaic wall configurations
  • Compatible with an extensive variety of content including Flash, PPT, HTML 5, and the most popular video formats for the richest engagement
  • VIA MagicView® Content Management Software

VIA AirTalk™ Wireless Communication Suite
VIA AirTalk™ comprises a suite of wireless broadcasting technologies including sonic sensing, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and 3G, which enables the creation of location-specific networks in restaurants, stores, museums and galleries, transportation hubs, and other spaces that deliver tailored information to a user’s mobile device, opening up exciting new opportunities to liven up experiences with new kinds of interaction and participation.

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