1 de December de 2015, LFChannel Team launches mega competitive campaing

Traveling in France for 1€? It is now possible since the arrival of, European leader of the transportation of passengers by bus: 40 trips in France are now available on from €1 (+€0.50 booking fee).

For an exceptional offer, an original campaign: to advertise the offer of, 500 persons have made a massive hLF Channel_megabus_ campaign human giftuman GIF. Orchestrated by the agency FCB Paris, the GIF aimed to record that proposed quality offers to low cost prices.

The advertising campaign is also the occasion for to announce 50,000 free tickets in Europe, and the continuity of the service during the whole Christmas season.

And take a look at the campaign #MEGAhumangif:

The Mega Human Gif on Facebook

LF Channel_megabus_advertising campaign