LF Channel in Sofia
7 de June de 2017, LFChannel Team

Traveling to a new experience… in Sofia! 

Being part of a PR agency means living new experiences constantly. It is part of our routine to run into situations that always have a uniqueness trait even if they look similar to others. This might seem stressful because you never know what is going to happen next or how will something develop but this is what makes us love it, this is what keeps us going. We could say that our career as professionals in communication is formed by the sum of all these new experiences.

The last one? A trip to Sofia to celebrate the Worldcom Youth Meeting, an annual event where young representatives of the different agencies part of Worldcom Public Relations Group meet to share their experience and vision of the field. This year Janev & Janev PR Agency, our partner in Bulgaria, organized the meeting in the country´s capital city and I have to say that both their hospitality and professionalism in preparing this meeting couldn’t have been better.

The Worldcom Youth Meeting Sofia 2017 included different presentations by local professionals in the communications field on current affairs such as fake news and its impact on the media and society. These presentations started interesting debates about the importance of verifying the sources, the broadcasting of news in social networks and the need to have a more rigid legislation and control. One afternoon each of us presented our agency and a case study that we had lived in first hand. This allowed us to understand the different ways and strategies of communication and PR in each country and how it affects one action or another according to each culture and society. Really, really interesting!

Professionals from different countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Bulgaria attended the event. As you can imagine talking and sharing similar experiences led to everyone feeling warm and comfortable which made us come up with common ideas like: “after dinner we could find out how are the drinks in Sofia”, or “even better, we could meet before dinner for a drink as well”. I have to say that the views in each country regarding this topic coincided perfectly. It may not sound very serious but I think it’s also part of the plan. Knowing the people with whom we share or will share new clients and/or projects will help us understand the points of view of one another.

To conclude, I want to say that it was a very positive and enriching experience both personally and professionally. I think that sharing interests and debating with people from the same field, with the same conditions and with the same reason was the most natural and transparent way to know and convey everything that we know. So goals achieved!

If you want to see the experience I had, you can visit our YouTube channel where we have shared some videos and you can also follow our profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where we shared the event live.

Thank you #WYMSofia2017!

What will be the next adventure?

We will keep you posted.

Alba @AlbaAyma