transcreation key to a new market
30 de March de 2022, Freddy

Transcreation, the key to a new market

Transcreation is key when your company is entering a new market, which involves prior processes of analysis, study, development, and adaptation. It implies understanding the myriad of emotions that revolve around the new culture in which we are going to move. Within this whole process, the adaptation of the company’s own content is one of the focal points as it can make the difference between success and failure. The website is the basis for the creation of brand image, as it will be the company’s showcase. It includes its mission, vision, and values, as well as its products and services with their characteristics and prices. All complementary content must also be taken into account, including social media, videos, corporate texts, opinion articles, press releases and blog posts.

In the beginning, it is most common to take advantage of content already created in the country of origin to feed new international channels. This makes necessary the proper translation and adaptation of the content in order to make it completely understandable in the new market. However, if real effectiveness is sought, transcreation is necessary. This concept is born of the union of translation and marketing and is based on the effective adaptation of a company’s commercial, advertising, and corporate messages to a new language.

Transcreation is not simply the adaptation of messages to make them understandable. They must also be effective and follow the principles and ideas with which they were originally created. The aim is to maintain the essence of the original language in terms of the final objective, which may be the creation of a brand image, the promotion of products or services, or audience engagement, among others.

Transcreation as language and culture

The transcreator needs a high level of understanding of both the source and the target language, as well as knowledge in marketing, sales and communication. Additionally, he or she will need to know the reputation of the company in both markets, the opinions about the industry and products, as well as understand the target culture in depth and the profile and emotions of potential customers or buyers. The aim is to make the brand message influential and attractive to the target culture while maintaining the original essence. At the end of the day, it is all about securing sales.

Transcreation, the key to the new market, is therefore a fundamental pillar in the development of an effective marketing strategy. Understanding cultural differences and adapting to them appropriately will be key to ensuring a positive impact that translates into sales and new customers.