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8 de March de 2022, Redacción

They did it for us, we owe it to them!

There are many unspoken reasons to talk about celebrating the IWD, March 8th, this year. Now that the pandemic seems to be giving us a break to recover the feminist agenda in the streets, international circumstances and the humanitarian crisis facing Ukraine remind us that there are many rights that are not guaranteed.

We are talking about basic rights that, although they could be taken for granted, are still not a reality. And the fact is that, to this day, we continue to see that 80% of unpaid work is carried out by women, such as caring for the sick, housework, voluntary work… Likewise, despite the fact that there are more women with college education than men, unemployment affects the former more than the men. This reality is intensified at managerial levels. For example, only 36% of management positions are held by women in medium-sized Spanish companies, according to the report Women in Business 2022. So, what needs to be done?

It is true that there are some mixed results and that we can proudly state that we have made progress in gender equality in recent decades. However, there is a clear slowdown in progress towards full equality. According to a recent study by researchers from the Pablo de Olavide University and the University of Seville, it would take almost a quarter of a century (24 years) for Spanish society to achieve full equality between men and women. In fact, gender equality in education and employment have been at a standstill since 2011 and 2013 respectively.

It is inspiring to know that Spain ranks seventh in the European Union’s gender equality ranking. It is not a bad position, but there is room for improvement. We must continue working to build a fair society in which equality is not a goal but a reality. To do this, we must  focus our efforts on making visible all those women who are role models. It is important to make the youngest girls see that “if you want to, you can”. It is important that the new generations do not link professions with gender, but that they fight to develop themselves in what they are truly passionate about. There are still many gender prejudices that continue to slow down progress. It is the task of all of us to break with these impositions.

8M International Women’s Day on LF Channel

At LF we wanted to dedicate this day to making visible those women who have been our role models, who have made us who we are and who have supported us on the road to achieving our dreams: our mothers. Today we want to claim that without their help and strength this whole journey would not have been possible. They have been the ones who have found many stepping stones along the way which they have overcome with tenacity and courage. Thank you, mums. Today and every day, we love you.

Imma Folch, founder and CEO of LF Channel, to her mother, Conchita Lázaro:

She wanted to study medicine, but in her time that was for men. Despite this, she was a born entrepreneur and started several projects related to the world of fashion. She was my inspiration because, although she did not have it easy, she always stood out for being a good person, empathetic and generous, overcoming depression, disappointments, and an overly patriarchal era. My mother.

Pau Mallol, Account Executive of LF Channel, to his mother, Montse Güell:

My mother has made me understand life with positivism; she has taught me that everything requires effort; she has instilled in me her passion for art and photography; she has taken care of me and juggled, being the best mother, daughter, sister and teacher; and she has shown me that it is never too late to reinvent yourself, train yourself and take on new challenges. T’estimo.

Raquel González, Account Manager of LF Channel, to her mother, Belén Roldán:

My mother is a reference for me because of her courage and willingness. She has taught me that, if you want to, you can, and that the only limit is ourselves. She is a fighter, who has managed to overcome the obstacles she has encountered and always with a smile on her face. I admire her humor and strength to look on the bright side of things, and I have to thank her for being the way I am. Thank you, Mum. Today and every day, we love you.

Eva Camposo, Account Executive of LF Channel, to her mother Glòria Roca:

My mother has taught me to be a fighter, to be brave, to pursue my dreams and not to give up despite the obstacles. She has taught me to give everything for our loved ones and that, with solidarity, affection and love, life is much simpler. Although she doesn’t even imagine it, every moment we spend together I learn so many values and principles from her that accompany me every day of my life. She is, without a doubt, my best role model.

Estela Cayon, Madrid director of LF Channel, to her mother, María José Rebanal Díez:

My example and inspiration in strength, clarity of ideas and self-confidence. The one who has taught me to break down the barriers that women face, despite all the ones she encounters every day. 

Judit Alabert, Account Manager of LF Channel, to her mother, Remei March:

My mother has taught me to pursue my dreams, to work and to enjoy the rewards. She also stands out for being able to take care of her loved ones, regardless of whether you have to climb mountains, walk roads or overcome any obstacle; she will always be there to help. Without a doubt, she is the best example of courage and struggle.

Joel Márquez, LF Channel account director, to his mother, Eladia “Lali” García:

One of the anecdotes that she always tells me with great affection and that awakens my tenderness is “that she was one of the first to wear a miniskirt in Spain”. And the fact is that, if there is one thing my mother was and is, is a brave woman, ahead of her time. Not only for that anecdote, but for raising four children and working as a concierge at the same time, for making sure we never lacked for anything, for overcoming all the bumps in the road that life has put in her way and above all, for always having faith in us when we wanted to throw in the towel. She has always been there and that is why she deserves to be here today. 

Eloína Rivero Sanz, Senior Account Manager, to her mother, Ester Sanz:

My mother has always been my greatest reference because since I was a child she has helped me to value the positive things in life: the pleasure of listening to classical music or reading a good book; of undertaking my own projects and learning about other cultures. She has taught me that with effort and desire you can go very far, and that I can become whatever I want to be… Without judging anyone, ever.

Maria Garcia, Chief Administrative Officer of LF Channel, to her mother, Carmen Pintado:

Ay, Carmen, you are still dancing at 86 years old, you are still an inspiration to anyone who knows you. They admire you for your grey hair full of vitality and I admire you for the way you smile at life. Keep dancing!