LF Channel en Milán
18 de July de 2016, ImmaFolch

The greatness of sharing

As an agency that is part of a network of international independent agencies Worldcom Public Relations Group we have the privilege of having the professional support of partners from different countries around the world. Today we are going to share with you our last experience with the agency Bpress based in Milan.

Due to our international approach, there are situations in which we share projects, goals and clients across borders. Last week we experienced one of these cases along with the Italian agency Bpress, with whom we shared our thoughts and ideas. This agency, located in the centre of Milan, meets all expectations you can have when you think of a professional group that is headquartered in the centre of the Italian Fashion capital.

Diego Biasi, the owner and president of Bpress since 1990, manages a smart, polite, kind and very modern team. Besides having the characteristic tireless flow of work of communications and PR agencies the team saved a moment to share their experience and ideas with us. New professional relations were born in the best possible way: from having common goals like satisfying a common client’s requests and trying to reach better results. This way, and guided by an incredible group of people in all senses, the goal of this travel was 100% achieved.

But not all the time was spent working. The Italian people know how to enjoy taking a break at work. In the office there’s Miki, a friendly dog that is always waiting for you to take a break so you can play with him and his toys. You can see how cute it is in the team picture! And what about the food? Italy is considered as one of the Mediterranean countries with the greatest variety of good quality products so we couldn’t leave without tasting the best pizzas and risottos.

Summing up it was an amazing experience in both a professional and a personal way. Sharing our profession with partners like them does work much more gratifying.

A presto, Bpress!