18 de August de 2015, ImmaFolch

Synology® Unveils Surveillance Station 7.1 Beta

Optimized performance and surveillance experience for distributed environments

Taipei, Taiwan—August 12th, 2015—Synology® Inc. today announced the beta availability of its Surveillance Station 7.1. The latest version of its robust video management system delivers optimized performance for environments with distributed resources with Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and multicast support, refined alters and notifications, and much more.

“Synology is devoted to developing a powerful, yet efficient and easy-to-use video monitoring solution. We’ve tweaked the some mechanics and performance of Surveillance Station 7.1, so businesses large and small can take advantage of the smoothest and most thoughtfully designed surveillance experience,” said Chad Chiang, Product Manager at Synology Inc.

Surveillance Station 7.1 beta includes the following new features:

  • Mecanismo de alertasRTSP for smoother surveillance experience: Support for RTSP increases video streaming performance, providing an even smoother experience when watching feeds in Surveillance Station or DS cam (for iOS devices). Plus, developers can take advantage of support for RTSP to integrate video streams into third-party systems.
  • Multicast boosts bandwidth efficiency in multiple user scenarios: Multicast support reduces the workload and bandwidth consumption when running Surveillance Station in environments where multiple clients are viewing video feeds. This means several security personnel can monitor a live view from different workstations at the same time without impacting system performance.
  • Advanced live view alert and notifications provide refined management: For large-scale surveillance deployments with hundreds of cameras, monitoring cameras one-by-one can be inefficient. Thanks to under the hood modifications, Live View Analytics alerts are displayed for cameras that are not included in the Live View layout. Also events can also be directly highlighted on an E-map, so users can quickly see the camera and location of suspicious events straightaway.
  • Robust CMS performance and stability: By refining the database structure and adding a dedicated multipart link between host and recording servers, Surveillance Station 7.1 increases the speed at which recordings and event information are transferred from recording servers. In addition, revamped license management improves the stability in CMS deployments.
  • Greater support for ONVIF brings more flexibility: In addition to providing native integration for edge recording on select camera models, Surveillance Station now supports edge recording on many more camera models thanks to ONVIF Profile G. Furthermore, improvements in ONVIF Profile S make it easier to find and add compliant cameras to Surveillance Station with the “ONVIF Search” option. These new features give users more flexibility and easier installation when setting up a video surveillance system.

To learn more about Surveillance Station 7.1 Beta, please visit

Beta Reward Program

To help make Surveillance Station 7.1 even better, Synology invites users to participate in the Surveillance Station 7.1 Beta Program and submit feedback and suggestions. Synology will give a Camera License Pack (including 4 licenses) to three different users who provide the most valuable assistance and feedback during the Beta Program. For details, please see here