Mobile World Congress
17 de February de 2016, ImmaFolch

Standing out during the MWC

The Mobile World Congress is the most important mobility and Telco event in the world. Each year, lots of companies arrives to Barcelona with the aim of placing  big news in the most important newspapers and magazines in Spain and worldwide. But, how to gain presence in the publications that cover the event? There are lot of journalists and also lot of news. The quantity of news announced by the brands increase exponentially yearly and getting noticed and published is a difficult task.


Being highlighted is complicated, but not impossible. Here you can see some tips after our wide experience with brands who are present at the event, or organize parallel events:

  • Establishing an objective and a messaging: companies most of the time arrive at the MWC with no specific news to unveil.  Being at the event is not news. You are not the only company at the show. What do you want to communicate? Do you have a big product launch? If not, could you establish a messaging related to mobility that can be interesting for journalists? Analyzing if you have something to communicate and the best ways to do it is something essential that should to be done together with a PR expert.
  • Think timings: your timings and the journalists’ timings. Probably  the first day of the event, all companies plan to launch their press releases and announcements. Do you think it is the best time to stand out? Definitely, it isn’t. It is better to use another strategy. Depending on the goal, launching our communications some days before the event can be the best option. and it is useful to reach journalists and gain visits at the MWC’s booth and schedule one-tone interviews. Even, in some cases, communicating after the event can be a good approach if we would like to show some results. The company goals will define the best timing.
  • Having a strong and good relationship with the journalists that usually cover the MWC. If you already have a good relationship with them, something that you look after every day during the whole day, it is probably that they won’t miss your news and announcements.

In short, standing out from the crowd depends on several factors. Each brand and company have to decide which can be their best approach and strategy. There isn’t a fix rule to be successful. Timing and type of messaging is key, without any doubt. Having an established relation with media, previously gained, is very important. It is a complete process that takes time and work but needed to prepare one of the most important trade fairs of the year.

Estela Cayón