5 de September de 2017, LFChannel Team

Slim, linked up and thorough – ECOVACS Robotics launches the DEEBOT SLIM2 with App navigation

On the first of July 2017, ECOVACS Robotics launched the flattest cleaning robot worldwide, the DEEBOT SLIM2. With a height of only 5,7 cm, the robot can easily vacuum and mop under menial furniture. The DEEBOT SLIM2 is equipped with the newest technology: Contrary to its predecessor, it can be controlled via a mobile application.

When dust settles under menial furniture, a special cleaning device is needed. With a height of only 5,7 cm, the vacuum cleaning DEEBOT SLIM robot, the best-selling vacuum cleaning robot in Germany, is able to clean where common vacuum cleaners flop. ECOVACS thoroughly modernized the core functions of the DEEBOT SLIM and launched the DEEBOT SLIM2.

“The DEEBOT SLIM2 is a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaning robot. Whilst the previous SLIM model was only controllable via remote control, the DSLIM2 can also be controlled with the ECOVACS app”, says Andreas Wahlich, General Manager of ECOVACS Robotics. With a simple smartphone swipe, the robot navigates exactly to where he is needed the most. With the app, the robot can be started, stopped and manually navigated from out-of-home. Even the cleaning mode can be timed with the app.

The smart and slim household helper also comes with a dry mopping technology. The two side brushes direct the dirt to where it can be vacuumed up easily. A cloth that is attached to the robot can be moistened to optimize the mopping function. The DEEBOT SLIM2 works with a direct vacuuming function – without a primary brush. Therefore, it is the ideal robot when it comes to absorbing animal hair.

The vacuum cleaning robot navigates on its own without being a risk factor. “Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors, the DEEBOT SLIM2 cleans every corner of the room while avoiding obstacles. Whenever the robot notices an obstacle, it simply tries to find a way around it”, says Wahlich. 

Since the 1st of July, the ECOVACS DEEBOT SLIM2 is available for 229,00 €.