Success story

Wacom: bringing technology to the classroom


Challenge and strategy  

Wacom, technology company specialized in pen tablets, interactive display and digital pens throughout Europe, detected a digitization problem in classrooms and adapted its products, originally focused on design professionals, to provide a solution for schools, teachers and students. The challenge was to make a prestigious brand known to a new public, education sector, where Wacom brand was completely unknown. 

Strategy based on the creation of local value content to support teachers, while giving visibility to the real use of Wacom products as a teacher. KOL program with 8 influential teachers on social networks to develop tutorials and video content to demonstrate that Wacom is the best technology tool for teaching and learning. 


Wacom quickly positioned itself as a benchmark for equipping schools with cutting-edge technology, and a thought leader in the technological transformation of the education sector. The uses and benefits of Wacom were demonstrated through visual content and use cases created by teachers. 

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