Success story

Qualtrics: supporting on corporate webinars

Qualtrics: supporting on corporate webinars

Challenge and strategy  

Qualtrics, a US-based company specialized in clients, products, and employees’ experience management, wanted to raise awareness of its latest Webinar on Candidate Experience, with the challenge of reaching a very specific niche: that of personnel recruiters. 

The strategy was based on the implementation of a digital marketing campaign with a media specialized in human resources. Through a combination of an emailing campaign to a specialized database, banners on the media’s website and an article in the press to disseminate the webinar. 


o Two newsletters were sent to more than 15,000 people,  opening rate of 23%.  

o Banners published on the website and newsletter, which reached 152,689 impressions. 

o Social Media dissemination, reaching more than 400 impressions. 

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