Success story

NUKI: event to present a new home automation brand in Spain


Challenge and strategy 

Nuki was the leading brand in the development of smart locks in Central Europe, but its presence in the Spanish market was scarce. The company wanted to present itself to the media as the best home automation solution for home entrances.  

LF Channel organized an in-person event to present the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and its accessories to the press. The objective was to show how the device works, to present Nuki and its representatives as experts in home automation and home security, and to put the brand at the top of mind of journalists.  


The event was held in an in-person format in Madrid and consisted of a corporate presentation in a press conference format that included questions, followed by a demonstration of how Nuki’s solutions work. The event figures included:  

  • Attendance of 20 journalists from 18 media outlets.  
  • 3 1-to-1 interviews conducted after the presentation.  
  • 66 clippings from the event and subsequent press release distribution.  
  • 98,794,874 OTS (Opportunities To See) generated from the published content.  
  • 8 reviews managed with tech and general media.  

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