Success story
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NFON – Introducing a new player in IBERIA

Cloud telephony made in Germany

Initial Situation

A German company in the field of cloud telephony and a leader in Europe, NFON landed in Spain and Portugal in 2015 to offer its solution and challenge other market leaders.

Challenge & Strategy

To make the team and its main managers known both in the Iberian peninsula and Germany, we organized a press conference in Madrid and a breakfast with the media in Lisbon. We presented the company approachable, with a competitive, innovative offer and an interest in being the benchmark both in the market and for the media.


Having the press conferences and breakfast with media, helped us reach our goal, obtaining coverage in across 21 media channels. After more than 5 years of working together, we have achieved thousands of cuts, organized various events and press trips to NFON headquarters and continue developing the successful public relations campaign at present.

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