Success story
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MOCA: Discovering a winner

Spotting a winner

Initial Situation

Spanish startup MOCA has developed a proximity marketing platform that processes a continuous flow of mobile user data in real time. The solution allows for customer segmentation based on their interests, geo-location, and behavior.With this information, service users can develop more specific marketing and advertising campaigns. MOCA lacked brand awareness, but thanks to an investment round, decided to start communications activities.

Challenge & Strategy

We planned the campaign with two challenges to start off with: (1) Position MOCA as an innovative leader and the MOCA Platform as the best solution and ideal partner for marketing and events, and (2) Build opinion leadership around the company spokesperson – María Fernanda González (CEO and co-founder).
To accomplish this, we elaborated messages according to the target audience and other public relations materials necessary to create an awareness strategy. We maximized relationships with the media and communication opportunities at trade fairs and professional technology, marketing, and economics meetings.


MOCA, an unknown name to the media, quickly became a regular source of information for proximity marketing and growing innovative local start-ups.
MOCA obtained more than 120 appearances in Spanish media within six months, with an OTS of more than 120 million. All of these actions eventually resulted in the company receiving the GLOMO award for Best Mobile Service in the Cloud during the 2016 Mobile World Congress.

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