Success story
mujer besando a mujer evento filmstruck mujer filmstruck evento filmstruck

Filmstruck : Launch event for a new film platform


Initial Situation

Launch of the new movie streaming platform FilmStruck—owned by Turner and Warner Bros.—in Spain. At the time, undisputed leaders Netflix and HBO had just arrived to the country.

Challenge & Strategy

In addition to creating visibility and brand reputation inherited from parent companies, the challenge was to enter the market niche of classic and auteur cinema aficionados, where local company Filmin was the only competitor. Our goal was to make the general media and those of film and culture in particular not only inform audiences about the platform, but also become users and fans. The first event to get to know the service and brand managers was a Madrid press conference held in a round table format.


Thirty journalists attended the press conference, a day when other news of interest in the social and cultural sphere emerged. We got 152 hits, and various interviews were conducted throughout the day. The result was so positive that it became the basis of a continuity strategy based on relationships with the media, social networks, sponsorships, and influencers.

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